All rules that are stated and written in the student handbook and all policies and decisions that the North Olmsted City School District has in place will be followed in the classroom.



Class Rules

1. No sitting on desktops                       

2. No talking when someone else has the floor to speak.

3. Bring your book, notebook, and pen to class every day.

4. No eating or drinking in the classroom.

5. Be in your seat and prepared to start class when the bell to start class sounds.

Additional rules may be added as needed for individual classes



For this class you will need the following materials.  

1. A notebook with notebook paper dedicated to this class only. (120 pages)

2. A pen that uses blue or black ink, only.  No green, pink, orange, etc. colored ink.

3. a "bluebook" to take tests and quizzes which will cost each student thirty cents.

Who is Mr. Naples?

   My name is Mr. Tony Naples.  I am a social studies teacher at North Olmsted High School.  I have been a teacher in the North Olmsted City School District for 14 years.  I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and a Master's degree in Administration from Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio.  I have a daughter who graduated from Ohio State University and lives/works in Phoenix, Arizona, a daughter who is a Senior at Ohio University, and a son who is a sophomore at Lorain Community College and plans on attending Ohio State University in the future


Homework Philosophy

   My homework philosophy is that homework should be given to students when it will help them to better understand the information that is important to the course.  I do not believe in giving student's "busy" work or in giving students extra credit work.  The homework assignments will be graded on quality, not quantity, and punctuality.  No late work will be accepted unless the student is absent on the day the assignment is due.  Quarter projects are due on the day specified.  Projects and assignments can always be turned in early. If the student does not have his/her project on the due date, points will be deducted.  Since I do not give an excessive amount of homework, I expect each assignment to be done to the best of each student's own ability and to be completed on time.


Please purchase a notebook for my class by the third day of classes.