For this class you will need the following materials.  

 1. A notebook with notebook paper dedicated to this class only. (120 pages)

2. A pen that uses blue or black ink, only.  No green, pink, orange, etc. colored ink.

3. a "bluebook" to take tests and quizzes which will cost each student thirty cents.




Class Rules

. No sitting on desktops                       

2. No talking when someone else has the floor to speak.

3. Bring your book, notebook, and pen to class every day.

4. No eating or drinking in the classroom.

5. Be in your seat and prepared to start class when the bell to start class sounds.

All rules that are stated and written in the student handbook and all policies and decisions that the North Olmsted City School District has in place will be followed in the classroom.



Course Syllabus

In this course we will study the growth of human beings into societies.  the course will explore society by gender, race, ethnicity, age, and  outside agencies.  It will look at institutions such as government, education, health, and medicine and learn how these social institutions have influenced societies.

the object of this course is to broaden the students awareness and knowledge of the world and the societies that exist within, how societies developed and evolved in the world we live in, and and how these societies interact within themselves and with one another.

Homework Philosophy


 Why I assign homework.  I assign homework as reinforcement for ideas, concepts, or facts that I feel students need to know.  Some of the homework assignments prepare students for upcoming lessons in the classroom.  homework teaches responsibility, time management, the importance of meeting deadlines, and develops positive lifelong study habits.

When I assign homework. I assign homework on Monday for the week.  The students will have at least one day to complete the assignment.  I may assign more than one assignment at the time but the assignments will have different due dates. 

Students homework responsibilities.  I expect the students to do their best on each homework assignment.  I expect the paper(s) handed in to be neat and legible.  Late work will not be accepted for a grade unless the student was absent on the date due.  It is the student's responsibility to find/ask if there was a homework assignment if he/she was absent from class.

Teachers homework responsibility.  I will check and grade all homework and return it in a timely manner.  I will give the students positive support, encouragement, and feedback in helping them to complete their homework.

Parents homework responsibilities.  I ask that parents take an interest in their child's homework.  Parents should set a daily homework time for their child to be sure the student is completing his/her homework.  If parents notice any problems or have any questions, concerning homework they should feel free to contact me.

If students do not complete homework.  If students do not complete their homework, I will talk to them and try to find a remedy for the homework not being completed. If the problem persists, I will contact the parents.  I have told the students on the first day of class that if they do quality work to the best of their ability and turn in all of their assignments on time, they can not fail this course.


I am not teaching sociology this year.