Geometry Projects  

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Triangle Construction Project

Project Directions and Rubrics

Construction Directions

You will need to print all four triangles.  One large triangle for each classification, in which you are to make all 4 compass constructions (perpendicular bisector, median, altitude, and angle bisectors) in each of the 4 triangles.

Once you have opened the file you will notice that there is a section for the description.  The large triangles include a key to color code the compass constructions.

A PDF file of all four trinalges is below.  You will need to print off all 4 triangles.

Triangle Template
ALL 4 Trianlges (PDF)  


Geometry Construction Reference:   

Construction Videos  


Geometry Scavenger Hunt

You have studied many different geometric concepts throughout the year. You are now required to draw on your knowledge of geometry and mathematics in general as you participate in this Geometry Scavenger Hunt. The rules of this project are listed below along with a description of the scoring rubric, and some helpful hints. This is your chance to be creative, express yourself, and have fun with mathematics!  To complete this project, you will be working in groups to find illustrations of geometric terms indoors and outdoors.  Your objective is to score as many points as possible by your selection of picture shots.


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