Algebra Two Concepts


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“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more wisely.”


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Chapter 1--In this chapter we will review the Real Number System.  We will evaluate and simplify algebraic expressions, solve linear equations and solve real-life problems.
Chapter 2-- In this chapter we will discuss functions.  We will also learn to graph and write equations for linear and direct variation equations.
Chapter 3--In this chapter we will write and investigate ways to solve a system of equations
Chapter 4  -- In this chapter we will solve linear equalities and inequalities as well as those involving absolute value.
Chapter 5--In this chapter we will investigate quadratic functions, by graphing and solving through a variety of methods.
Chapter 6--This chapter will have us working with polynomial functions, we will graph, factor and perform basic operations.
Chapter 7
Chapter 8--In this chapter you will learn to solve and graph quadratic equations as well as explore some real-world applications.
Chapter 9--In this chapter you will learn to evaluate square roots, simplify radicals, graph and solve quadratic equations and use them to solve real-life situations.
Chapter 10--In this chapter you will learn to evaluate exponents and logarithms and to write equivalent exponential and logarithmic equations.
Chapter 12--In this chapter you will analyze and graph conic sections.
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