Algebra One




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"Never tell people how to do things.  Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."--General George Smith Patton, Jr.

  Chapter Topics and Assignment Sheets--Click on each chapter name to view the assignment sheet for each chapter.  Most assignment sheets will have links to class hand outs. 




Chapter 1--Connections to Algebra--notes Ch 1


Chapter 2--Properties of Real Numbers--notes Ch 2


Chapter 3--Solving Linear Equations--notes Ch 3   


Chapter 4--Graphing Linear Equations & Functions--notes Ch 4


Chapter 5--Writing Linear Equations--notes Ch 5


Chapter 6--Solving & Graphing Linear Equations--notes Ch 6


Chapters 7--Systems of Linear Equations & Inequalities


Chapter 8--Exponents & Exponential Functions


Chapter 9--Quadratic Equations & Functions


Chapter 10--Polynomials & Factoring  Factoring Handout


Chapter 11--Rational Equations & Functions


Chapter 12--Radicals & Connections to Geometry




Open House Extra Credit !!!--Due M 9/20

Halloween Sudoku--Use the letters in the word "HALLOWEEN" to complete these Sudoku puzzles.  Notice that there are two different style "L"s and two different style "E"s.  due R 10/28

So stuffed after your Thanksgiving Feast that you can't move off the couch?  Try This!!  Due M 11/29

Stop eating all those Christmas cookies and do this instead!!!  Due T 1/4

"Mom--I'm bored!"--stay busy this President's day weekend doing these Sudoku Puzzles.  Be careful--there are two different style "E"s.  due T 2/22

CCollege Tuition Project (answer sheet)--due T 3/1

Luck of the Irish to you--see how this Leprechaun treats you.  Due F 3/18

Drake's Last Chance Extra Credit--Enjoy!!  Due W 5/19