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Algebra Concepts
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Chapter 1--In this chapter you will learn how to use expressions, equations and inequalities to model real-life situations and to solve problems.  You will write and evaluate variable expressions, check solutions to equations and inequalities, use verbal and algebraic models to represent real-life problems, and organize data. 
Chapter 2--In this chapter you will learn how to compute with real numbers.  You will graph, compare and order real numbers.  You will add, subtract, multiply & divide real numbers, use the distributive property and combine like terms. 
Chapter 3--In this chapter you will learn how to solve linear equations, and to use formulas, ratios, rates and percents.  You will solver linear equations with multiple steps, solve decimal equations, solve a formula for a specified variable, and solve real-world problems involving ratios, rates and percents. 
Chapter 4--In this chapter you will learn how to graph lines, solve direct variation problems and evaluate functions.  You will graph linear equations through a variety of methods such as plotting points, creating a value table and using intercepts and slope.  You will also be able to recognize equations of vertical and horizontal lines.  Lastly, we'll use these methods to model real-life situations and will identify and evaluate functions. 
Chapter 5--In this chapter you will learn how to write linear equations and apply them in real-life situations.  You will write linear equations in a variety of forms including slope-intercept, point-slope and standard forms and find equations of parallel and perpendicular lines. 
Chapter 6--In this chapter you will write, solve and graph linear inequalities in one variable and use inequalities to model real-life situations.  You will also solve compound inequalities and absolute value equations and inequalities, and graph linear equations in two variables. 
Chapter 7--In this chapter you will learn to solve systems of two linear equations by using the graphing, substitution and elimination methods and will also learn to write a system of equations to model real-life situations.
Chapter 8--In this chapter you will learn to simplify expressions involving exponents, graph exponential functions, and model real-life situations using exponentials.
Chapter 9--In this chapter you will learn to evaluate square roots, simplify radicals, graph and solve quadratic equations and use them to solve real-life situations.
Chapter 10--In this chapter you will learn to add, subtract and multiply polynomials as well as how to compute with and factor polynomials.  You will also learn some special factorizations of polynomial expressions.
Chapter 11--In this chapter you will learn how to solve variation and proportion problems.  You will also learn how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, simplify and solve  rational functions.
Chapter 12--In this chapter you will graph square root functions and solve radical equations.  We will also learn and discuss the Pythagorean Theorem as well as the midpoint and distance formulas.  We may even squeeze in a little deductive reasoning to get you ready for your proofs next year.
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