Projectile Motion Quiz

Pre-Quiz on Projectile Motion

Imagine yourself participating in a football game. The following questions will lead you through situations that will help you to either understand the motion or win the game. Assume that the air resistance is negligible unless otherwise stated.

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  1. Think of tossing a football straight upwards and catching it when it falls back down. It leaves your hand with some initial velocity, vi. When it is at its highest point its acceleration:
    1. is zero and its velocity is downward.
    2. is downward and its velocity is zero.
    3. and velocity are both downward.
    4. and velocity are both zero.
    5. and velocity are both upward.

  2. A football is dropped from the top of the goal post (don't ask how you got up there)and is seen to land on the ground 3 seconds after it was released. Approximately how high is the top of the goal post above the ground? (We will soon find out that this can be tossed away from the goal post or dropped vertically and the answer would be the same!)
    1. 15 m
    2. 30 m
    3. 45 m
    4. 90 m
    5. 125 m

  3. Without any air-resistance and again, not dependent upon angle of the toss, the time for the ball to go up compared to the time for the ball to come back down is:
    1. dependent upon the angle of launch.
    2. greater on the way up
    3. greater on the way down.
    4. the same.

  4. Imagine yourself throwing the football at various angles; some that are at lower angles and others that at higher angles. Zero degrees represents a ball thrown parallel to the ground and ninety degrees represents a ball thrown straight upwards. The angles range then from zero to ninety. At what angle would you throw the ball to reach the highest point above ground?
    1. 0 degrees
    2. 30 degrees
    3. 45 degrees
    4. 60 degrees
    5. 90 degrees

  5. It's time for the kick-off, the goal is to kick the ball as far down field as possible. At what angle would you kick the ball to reach the farthest point?
    1. 0 degrees
    2. 30 degrees
    3. 45 degrees
    4. 60 degrees
    5. 90 degrees

  6. The game is tied, 7-7 and Weak-Arm-Willy is quarterback. What do we, the teammates, advise Willy about making a long pass?
    1. Pass the ball after 3 seconds of play.
    2. Throw the ball as hard as you can!.
    3. Wait until you get sacked and then sneak me the ball.
    4. Throw the ball at 60 degrees above the ground!.

  7. It's the last game of the season…, October 27th , and it's snowing. Actually, it seems more like a blizzard with how hard the wind is blowing. But, we are the dedicated team and are going to get the game in. What do we need to consider when playing the game?
    1. The team throwing against the wind has the advantage.
    2. The team throwing with the wind has the advantage.
    3. The football will act as nothing is different.

  8. Mars' gravitational field strength is much less than ours. What would we notice about Weak-Arm-Willy's passes if we were playing on Mars?
    1. The passes would not be as long.
    2. The passes would be longer.
    3. The passes would be the same.

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