Algebra 2

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Course Description

This course continues with the discussion of matrices, polynomials, polynomial functions and quadratic equations. Other topics covered include conic sections, complex numbers, logarithms, and trigonometry.

Scientific calculators required; graphing calculators are highly recommended.

Course Objectives

Absences and Make-Up Work


The school attendance policy will be followed.  Please refer to your student handbook for rules regarding absences and missed work.  It is your responsibility to ask for missed assignments and to complete missed assignments on time.  Students participating in school field trips should arrange make-up work prior to leaving on the trip.



·       Tests will be worth 100 points unless otherwise noted.

·      Quizzes will be given periodically and students will be notified in advance of these quizzes.  The value of each will vary between 10 and 50 points.

·       Homework will be checked daily.  It is expected that all assignments will be done on time.  Each assignment will be worth 4 points.

·       Students are allowed to turn in 2 homework assignments late for full credit.  Late assignments must be turned in the following day.

·       All work must be shown on tests, quizzes, and daily assignments in order to receive credit.

·       All work must be done in pencil. (Homework is half credit and test/quiz minus 5 pts. if done in pen.)

·       All students are expected to bring their notes workbook daily.

·       Notes will be checked once each chapter and worth 1 point per section.

·       Extra credit will be very limited and worth not more than 5 or 10 points.

·       The Board adopted grade scale will be followed

         Grades are updated regularly on POWERSCHOOL:  




Extra help is available during the SOAR Period every day except Tuesday from 7:25 until 7:55 in Room 462.