Algebra 1

North Olmsted High School

Miss Tomsik



Overview of Course:

This course is designed to be part of the regular mathematics program.  Students entering the course should be able to exhibit a mastery of general math and pre-algebra skills.  Special emphasis will be placed on review for the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT).  Topics of study include:  linear equations/inequalities, basic functions, graphing, exponential functions, quadratic equations/polynomials, and preliminary geometry concepts.  Successful completion of this course will render a student prepared to study Geometry as the next course in this series. 


Textbook:       Algebra I  (McDougal-Littel)



      3-ring binder (1 or bigger, hard cover, name and period ON FRONT)

      Set of tabbed binder dividers  (at least 5)

      Notebook paper

      Graph paper (quarter inch grid, 50 sheets or more)

      Pencils and Pens

      Book cover

      Calculator (OGT calculator)


Course Requirements:  Each day, every student is responsible for


      Textbook with cover     

      Attending class

      Having assignments prepared    

      Taking daily notes

      Taking all tests and exams        

      Class materials (notebook, pencil, paper, book, etc.)



Daily Expectations:  Each day, every student is expected to


      Pay attention

      Follow directions

      Actively participate in all classroom activities

      Be respectful of classmates and teacher



Daily Responsibilities:          


      Being on time and prepared for class daily (late = 15 min. detention)

      Honoring all school rules

      Acting in an appropriate manner

      Honoring classroom procedures




Students are expected to follow all rules outlined in the North Olmsted High School student handbook and abide by my outlined expectations and responsibilities.  An appropriate consequence will be assigned to students who fail to follow classroom and/or school rules.  Consequences will include:  verbal warnings, detentions, phone calls to parents, conferences with student and/or parent, removal from class for the period, and administrative/guidance office referrals--depending upon the frequency and severity of the behavior that is interfering with the learning process.




Classroom Procedures:  Topics to be addressed in class


      Homework policies (collection, headings, etc.)    

      Notebook set-up

      Make-up work             

      Being prepared for class

      Appropriate reasons and times to leave your seat (pencil sharpening, waste can, etc.)

      Restroom / Hall pass Policy (3 per quarter)



Grading:          Grades will be based on homework, tests, quizzes, projects and notes. Grades will be calculated by dividing TOTAL POINTS EARNED by TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE.  Typically, total points are comprised of approximately 60% Tests/Quizzes, 20% Homework, 10% Notes, and 10% Projects.  Students will be required to keep a running cumulative average on a grade sheet kept in their notebooks.


Homework/Class work       It is expected that ALL students complete ALL assignments. Homework will include test review assignments and worksheets.  Students are encouraged to utilize their Student Planner to keep track of homework and all other assignments.


Quizzes                                  Quizzes will be given between tests and may or may not be announced.  Students may have several non-calculator quizzes at the beginning of the year.


Tests                                       A 100-point test will be given after each chapter of study.  Students will be given review assignments to prepare for tests.


Other                                      Students may be expected to complete review assignments in preparation

Assignments                          for the OGT test.  Also, students may be required to complete projects several times per year that apply to current topics of study.


Notes                                      Students are required to keep an Algebra 1 binder.  These notebooks will be checked at least once per quarter and should be brought to class daily.  Part of the notebook check will be to keep an updated grade sheet.



Should you find that you need to seek additional assistance on homework, studying for tests, etc., you may arrange a time to meet with me before school, after school, or during my planning/conference period. 


Extra Credit:

Extra credit assignments will be available to the entire class once per quarter.  No individual extra credit assignments will be given.  Extra credit may be earned for putting homework problems on the board.


Make-up Work:

In the case of absence, students have the number of days absent plus one (as per the student handbook) to make up homework assignments. Students returning from an absence will be required to make-up a missed test on the day of their return, or as soon after as can be possibly scheduled.  (Exceptions will be made for long-term absence and for students who have missed material included on the test.)  It is the students responsibility to acquire/arrange all make up work.  Students will be allowed 1 free late homework assignment per quarter.


~As the year progresses, there may be the need for additional assignments or modifications to the expectations and policies contained in this syllabus.~




August 28, 2007


Dear Parent / Guardian:


Please take a moment to review with your son/daughter the attached syllabus for Algebra 1.  It is my belief that with mutual support and cooperation, teachers, students and parents can work together for a successful year.


Please complete and tear off the form below and return it to school with your son/daughter by FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, 2007.  This will be an indication to me that you have read the attached syllabus and are aware of what is expected of your child in Algebra 1for the 2007-2008 school year.  All supplies should be obtained by FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, 2007 as well..


If you need to reach me for a conference, please call (440) 779-8799 and leave a message. You may also reach me via email at  I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. 


Thank you in advance for your help in keeping your student well equipped, organized and on-track this year!




Miss Geralyn M. Tomsik


Mathematics Teacher

North Olmsted High School





Students Name: ______________________           Signature ____________________


Course:  Algebra 1                                                     Period:            _________


Miss Tomsik,


I have read the guidelines and rules for the Algebra 1 course in which my child is enrolled.


Parent or Guardians signature         ________________________________________


Date:  _______________



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