AP Stats students participate in two projects

In the first semester, AP Statistics students at NOHS prepare a descriptive analysis of bivariate data as an individual project. They are given guidelines to choose a topic for research, where to find pre-published data, how to collect sample data (if they choose to collect their own), and how to use statistical tools like Minitab to analyze their findings. They then create a statistical poster to display their results and present this to the class.

In the second semester, AP Statistics students at NOHS conduct a complete statistical study using all the skills that they have acquired throughout the course. This study is usually done in pairs due to the increased requirements of the research. Students must present a proposal to the teacher and have it accepted before beginning the study. Then, they are expected to do background research on their topic and present their findings. Once they are aware of prior research and its results, they begin to design their own study, collect their data, and analyze their results. All of this is presented in a website (article) with a full abstract and later explained to the class.