North Olmsted High School

About the NOHS Library

   Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

5755 Burns Road, North Olmsted, Ohio  44070



Mission Statement

    The mission of the North Olmsted High School Library  is to provide access to information in all formats as well as learning experiences that encourage students and staff to become effective users of information, independent readers and life-long learners.


      The NOHS Library is the information center for the whole school. The goal of the media center is to help students learn and become more effective users of information. A wide variety of print and non-print materials, including electronic and on-line  computer resources are available. An atmosphere conductive to study is encouraged. The NOHS Library and its staff are available to help students and teachers. The staff welcomes questions and will assist students in research.


Circulation - The NOHS Library has an on-line circulation system. Most materials may be checked out for a three-week period. Students must present their school I.D. card when signing out materials.

Overdue Notices - Overdue notices are sent to students through a  class and mailed home.  Excessive overdue materials will result in loss of Media Center privileges. There are no fines on regular circulatin materials.

Study Halls - Students may use the NOHS Library during a study hall depending on space availability. Students must plan ahead and stop the NOHS to pick up a reservation slip.  Students then come directly to the NOHS Library at the beginning of the study hall period. with the slip and their school I.D. Students are expected to follow school behavior expectations, come with appropriate materials, and work quietly. Inappropriate behavior will result in disciplinary action and loss of privileges.  Please no gum, candy, food or beverages, including water.


Technology and Internet Access Use - All students are able to use computers and to access the Internet for educational purposes. A copy of “Computer Hardware, EagleNet Network and Internet Acceptable Use Policy" is mailed home prior to the start of school in August. It is understood by the student, parent or guardian, and school district staff that these guidelines contained within this policy are agreed to. Parents or guardians who do NOT want their children to have access to the Internet must complete and submit  a Denial of Internet Use” form in accordance with the District Acceptable Use Policy.  Both forms are included in the August mailing or available in the school student services of office or Media Center .

Computer Platforms - The NOHS Library has both Macintosh and IBM-compatible computers. Students wishing to save their work may save to the "Media Projects" folder on our server, to their own folder on our server, or to a flashdrive.

Blank Computer Media Available - Blank CDs and DVDs are available in the NOHS Library for $1.00 each.

Electronic Resources and the Internet - Several different electronic sources of information such as encyclopedias,  magazine indexes and specialized resources can be used at school and at home.  Instructions and passwords are available in the NOHS Library.  Students must have the Technology Acceptable Use Policy signed to use these resources. Access these materials at school or at home from the NOHS Library home page.

Printing -  Color is printing is available for 50 cents per page.

Copies - A copier is available for 10 cents per page.