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Privacy Policy

Updated November 27th, 2007

Your use of this web site entitles you to the terms and conditions set forth in this privacy policy. If you feel that your rights have been breeched, please Contact Us immediately.

    This policy shall pertain to any and all pages contained within the NOHS Library web site. This includes, the home page, contact page, research pages, etc. It however, does not pertain to any external links or external content which this web site points to. It further does not pertain to any content that is not within the Library directory on the web server (anything that begins with is protected by this policy).

Collection of Information.
    We do not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information on this site. If we find any identifiable information that has been collected on our site, we will immediately, and to the best of our abilities, destroy such information from our systems. If you find that any information has been transferred that could be considered sensitive, please contact us immediately. If we collect any information for a given purpose, we will alert you to such actions on the given page. For example, we collect information about your computer on the contact us page only when you submit the form(s) in order to cut down on inappropriate use of the form.

External Information
    Information will be exchanged on this site between the NOHS Library web site, and external, third party sites. Such information is not under the control of the NOHS Library, and thus, we assume no responsibility for its contents. Such information would be anything that is not contained within the domain.

Changes to This Policy.
    We reserve the right to make amendments, changes, updates, or otherwise alter this privacy policy as we see fit. It is the responsibility of you, the visitor and user of this web site, to check back occasionally to ensure that you are complying with the latest version of this privacy policy.